Continue the series places to see hydrangeas  In my Kansai area, today I will introduce to you typical places to see hydrangeas in Osaka. And as usual, you can absolutely go to all of those places in the same day. Let's explore together!

  1. Katsuoji Temple (勝尾寺)

The first location is an extremely famous temple during the red leaf season that I have written about before. However, few people know that Katsuoji is also an extremely beautiful place during hydrangea season.

Katsuoji is in red leaf season, you can also read my article about red leaf season in Katsuoji at THIS.


How to go: First you need to take the train there Senrichuo station, then walk about 100 meters to the nearby bus stop, get on bus number 29, go about 30 minutes and the last stop will be Katsuoji temple. Bus approx 1 hour There is only 1 trip, so please pay attention to search Google Map to check the bus time before leaving to avoid long waits.

Katsuoji is a Buddhist temple famous for good luck, and the lucky symbol here is the Daruma doll. Daruma dolls originally had no eyes. People who come here will paint the doll's left eye while praying, then take it home...

Daruma doll
Daruma doll, symbol of Katsuoji temple.

…And if the wish then comes true, they will draw the right eye of the doll and bring it to the temple and place it here. Looking at the number of dolls here, we can easily see how sacred the temple is!

After taking photos with the Daruma doll, you can walk up to the main hall of the temple, and this is also the area with the most hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas in front of the main hall.

This is a corridor about 50 meters long, filled with hydrangeas of many different colors. You can stand here and take photos with the flowers, as well as the main hall of the temple in the background.

Quite a beautiful angle of the temple.

Japanese Maple leaves (Momiji) are also at their greenest, a characteristic of Japanese summer.

A "corridor" is created by many hydrangeas.

Let's see some more pictures I took at this temple.

The flowers have bloomed very large. (Photo taken June 14, 2024).
Main hall with hydrangeas and momiji.
The main electricity is at a closer distance.
Daruma doll.

After visiting and taking photos at the temple, I boarded the bus to Senri Chuo station and went to the next location, to continue my journey to places to see hydrangeas in Osaka.

2. Nagai Park (長居公園)

A complex of nearly 70 hectares, with many different areas, such as a stadium, athletics training ground, children's play area, botanical garden, and natural history museum, ... Destination of Let's see the hydrangeas today, located in the botanical garden of Nagai Park (Nagai Botanical Garden).


From Katsuoji Temple, you take the bus to Senri Chuo station, then take the Midosuji Line train to Nagai station. And Nagai Park is located just 100 meters away.

Admission is 200 JPY for adults, you will be able to visit until 5pm, so please pay attention to the time before coming here.

The time I arrived here was around 3pm, so I went straight to the hydrangea garden to avoid wasting time.

Hydrangea garden address:

Hydrangeas at Nagai Park.

This park is really large and has many photography angles, with all kinds of different flowers growing all year round, such as roses, baby blue eyes flowers, hydrangeas, lotus flowers,...

Because the campus is large, you don't need to worry too much about crowding like other famous flower viewing spots.

In addition, right next to the hydrangea garden, there is a large forest, with many trees growing up to 20-30 meters high, suitable as a location for taking photos with many different concepts.

The bridge leads to the forest and hydrangea garden.

The reason the botanical garden at Nagai Park closes early is because this is also the location where the Teamlab light show takes place every day at 7:30 p.m. An introductory article about Teamlab Osaka will also be published on my Blog in the coming weeks. Don't forget to follow 😉

The place where Teamlab Osaka's light show takes place.

Above are two of the many places to see hydrangeas in Osaka that I chose to go in one day. Because of the large space, many photography angles, and not too crowded, I chose Katsuoji and Nagai Park. In addition, you can also refer to it for more information Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, is also a park with beautiful hydrangeas in Osaka.

Address Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park:

Thank you for reading to the end of the article.

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