May 5 every year is Kodomo no hi, a children's holiday in Japan. During this time, it is easy to see carp flags hung high in parks or traditional markets. And one of the most beautiful and popular places to hang flags in the Kansai area is a park Akutagawa Sakurazutsumi in Takatsuki city, Osaka.


Arrive at takatsuki station, then walk about 1km to the park. On the way, we passed by a very beautiful Akutagawa traditional market.

At the end of Akutagawa market street.

Every street around here has a very traditional style, and somewhat resembles what I often see in Anime movies.

The countryside looks very peaceful.

Even convenience supermarkets look very nostalgic.

Convenience supermarket in Akutagawa.
Images often seen in Anime movies.
2 fat cats djt lying in the sun on the piano.

After walking more than 1km, you will reach this road, the road leading to Akutagawa Sakurazutsumi park.

Here we gooo, see the carp flag.

The Koinobori carp flag used during the Kodomo no hi holiday originates from an ancient Chinese legend when a carp turned into a dragon. Therefore, the image of a carp turning into a dragon has become a symbol of strength and courage to overcome all difficulties to achieve success. The custom of hanging carp flags on Children's Day in Japan is to pray for children to be as healthy and successful as carp.

Normally, these flags look... quite ugly :))) but when the wind blows, it quickly creates a very majestic scene.

It also hosts events such as dancing, dancing, singing and drumming performances from elementary and middle school students in the area.

There are also food and drink shops here, serving the large number of attendees.

A lot of people came to watch the festival.

Festival videos:

Continue exploring the path from the park back to the station.

The view of the festival is quite chill coming from the position of the old couple :)))

After the festival ended, because it was still quite early, I continued to move to the next station, Kyoto Station, to take street photos. And accidentally passed by the temple Higashi Hongan-ji, the temple has a 76 meter long shrine, belonging to one of the The world's largest wooden structure. And here, the temple is also holding its annual festival, on April 8 and 29 every year.

This temple is only about 350 meters from Kyoto station, a 4-minute walk. And this is the entrance to the temple, extremely majestic.

Entrance gate to Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.

The temple was built in 1602.

Let's take a look at the architecture at this temple.

Because it is right near Kyoto station, you can also see Kyoto Tower right in this temple.

And finally, let's take a look at the festival happening here.


And finally, today's author photo ^,^ Thank you for watching until the end.


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